Midwest Fur Dressing established its roots in the city of Rice, a small quiet town located in the center of Minnesota. Being a hunter, trapper and a former  taxidermist I understand the hard work, time and dedication that is put into obtaining each animal. For those reasons is why we at Midwest Fur Dressing treat every hide as if it was our own. Formerly a 20 year career as a experienced taxidermist in North American, African, and Exotics I had worked for some great studios and with some really talented artists. The knowledge we obtained thru the years has helped us develop a tan that you would want to in a hide. Stretch, Strong roots, Softness, and a clean thin even shave. Working with a Chemist that specializes in the tanning industry helps us stay up to date on new products and techniques so we can keep progressing forward in perfecting our tan.

Living in Minnesota, known for the "10,000 lakes", hunting and trapping is a huge way of life here. I have been a outdoorsman my whole life and would want the same animal I harvested returned to me.Your hide is a reminder of a experience you had a memory of a hunt, and we want to keep it a positive one.

These are some of the key values that we uphold at Midwest Fur Dressing. Our knowledge, dedication and understanding is what has made the tannery what it is today. Thank you Sportsman and Women for entrusting us with your tanning needs for over 20years.