Please use our shipping forms.  You can print them under the forms link  

Check mark the appropriate boxes on what you are sending us. Specify whether you want wet or dry tan.

- LIFE SIZE-  A skin with a head,feet and a tail.
- 1/2 LIFE SIZE- A skin with a head and two feet. Half the size of a life size skin.
- CAPE- A skin with a head to the shoulder. No feet. extra long capes will get a additional charge of 20%
- FLAT SKIN- Is a skin with no feet and/or no head. With head 75% of a life size price.

You are welcome to drop off or pick up your tanning orders. Our hours are Monday- Friday 7:00-3:00pm

We also have a lockable storage unit on site for after hours drop off. Please call ahead for availability. 

When your shipment has been received, you will receive a confirmation call or email on the items you have sent. If there are any discrepancies, we will discuss at this time.

Rush service available at 50% upcharge. 

All shipments left more than 30 days will be assessed a 5% storage fee

All skins unclaimed after 60 days will be sold

Return check fee $30.00

Return shipment fee $30.00

You MUST agree to the Lacey Act prior to shipping or bringing any hide to be tanned to Midwest Fur Dressing LLC.

Lacey Act Agreement Link