• Ears , lips, eyes and nose turned and

• Properly remove ALL red meat and 
heavy fat from skins

• Remove knuckles and split tails

• Salt well. Leave for 24 hours and 

• Shake off excess salt and hang skins 
up to DRY!

• After drying has occurred, fold into a
uniform size, place skins in cardboard 

•Do not use paper, plastic or aluminum 
tags as identification on skins. they do 
not withstand the tanning process.

• Use a punch code, reserving lower right quarter for tanning punch code on capes and and above the tail on life-size animals.

• When your shipment has been received, you will receive a confirmation call/email on the items you have sent. If there are any discrepancies, we will discuss at this time.

• Any skins received that do not comply with the above instructions will be subject to rejection, additional preparation fee or returned at owner's expense.

• We reserve the right to refuse to handle and process skins that are unfit to be tanned hair-on.

• Due to the many factors, such as primeness, general condition of the specimen, climatic conditions and most importantly the treatment in the field by the sportsman, we assume no responsibility nor can we guarantee the results of any dressed specimen.
All specimens shipped to us must be properly cared for